Shred N Melt Precious Plastic Recyclery Interactive | Educational | Small Business

At Shred N Melt we understand the cost of recycling can be high, so we have developed a series of affordable recycling equipment to help aid in the set-up of your plastic recycling journey, designed with education and small business needs at the forefront. Our Desktop series are built to comply with Australia, New Zealand and Europe’s robust safety standards holding both RCM and CE certification. If you are after something a little larger, check out our commercial series of plastic recycling machines. If you require larger again, we can help you secure and import industrial level machinery, door to door worldwide on any orders.

We are committed to driving change towards reducing the use and manufacturing of single-use plastics.

Mat Card, Founder

With movements like Precious Plastic driving change through individual empowerment, Shred N Melt wanted to engage the idea of making plastic recycling affordable and accessible to everyone. Possessing the funds or having enough time to build our own machinery is a luxury most of us do not have; or do we want to run a batch production of 1000’s of units. With our certified desktop series, we make it easy to set up a small scale plastic recycling operation.

Through collaboration, the world’s energy binds us together – it drives us to be our best.

We ship our plastic recycling machinery all over the world and our desktop machinery are certified for use globally. We have partnered with Rethink Recycling and Precious Plastic Victoria as resellers.